Chewing insects

Samantha Michels

Some different kinds of chewing insects. Stag beetle, hag moth, pear sawfly, scarab beetle, sawfly, army worm, winter moth, carpenter bee, squash borer.

Squash Vine Borer

As a grown adult this insect is a bright orange color, with black on the abdomen. It is a very colorful moth that flies in the daylight, its about 1 inch long and can resemble that of a wasp.

They will destroy plants when they lea their eggs. The eggs hatch and so the larva will burrow into the steam. this then chew the inside of the plant, taking away nourishment to the rest of the plant, and can cause a secondary infection. The larva grow to about 1 inch long, are a whitish wrinkled body with a brown head and 8 pairs of legs.

They can destroy squash, zucchini, pumpkins, as well as gourds

How to get rid of them

Squash Borers can be really difficult to get rid of since they live inside your plant. There are some ways you can prevent them from happening or get rid of them so you can grow healthy plants.

  • You can delay planting - This method works by they wont have anywhere to lay their eggs during that time period. They will need to find somewhere else to lay them.
  • Winter cover crops - What this will do, is keep them from burrowing themselves under your plants during the winter, making sure they wont be back right away the next year.
  • Repellent Plants - some plants will keep most of the squash bugs away such as catnip, marigolds, mint, and radish.
  • Row covers - row cover will keep the bugs from being able to get to your plants, keep them from chewing on them or laying their eggs.


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