Niman Ranch Reviews - An Abiding Respect

Niman Ranch reviews are written by people with a deep and abiding respect for the Niman Ranch and its commitment to producing the best-tasting meat products in the world.

Niman Ranch has its origins in the early 1970s on a small, eleven-acre ranch in California. For years Niman Ranch produced natural free-range beef products, but decided to expand into pork in the mid-1990s. And when they did they sought the input of Paul Willis, an Iowa hog farmer who had gained quite a reputation in the industry for his commitment to raising hogs in the traditional way that eschewed the practices of big factory farms, and which he summarized in his credo, "Let a pig be a pig."

Today Paul Willis helps to manage the Niman Ranch network of more than seven hundred independently owned family farms and ranches throughout the United States. Each follows the model pioneered by Niman Ranch and used by Paul Willis in hog farming, a protocol that raises the animals out of doors and feeds them on a natural, one hundred percent vegetarian diet that is free of added hormones and antibiotics.

Niman Ranch reviews applaud Paul Willis and his methods, which have been called among the most influential in modern livestock raising. Niman Ranch, too, is a model practitioner in its commitment to sustainable farming and ranching practices that not only result in a better tasting product but are a benefit to the earth and its environment. And that ultimately is what it is all about, as the company recognizes the intertwined fates of the earth and the people and animals who populate it.

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