Pookahboo Longslime

By: Kaidy Cornell

The world has seen monsters of all different shapes and sizes, monsters will different abilities and skills, and even monsters that are just flat-out cute. However, the world has never seen a monster quite as feared as Pookahboo Longslime. Don't be fooled by his catchy name and cute looks, this is not a monster you want to mess with.

Pookahboo is from the Dark Hedges in Ireland, where he blends right in with the mossy scenery. Originating from Ireland itself, the name pookah means hobgoblin and boo means scary.

So what can a scary hobgoblin do? If you ever look this monster right in the eye, you will instantly be killed. This monster was discovered when a young child was playing the game peek-a-boo with this so-called cute monster. After opening his eyes, he looked directly in pookahboo's eyes and was killed.

After being chased out of Ireland from an angry mob with torches, Pookahboo traveled from Ireland across many countries to the United States. Ever since 2001 pookahboo has been residing in the United States causing terror and fatalities to people of all ages. Learning from his mistake in Ireland, Pookahboo is much more secretive with his victims, making sure to hideaway after the kill.  So before you go to bed at night, make sure to check under you beds and in your closets to make sure you have no unwanted monsters, but be sure not to look directly into any eyes.

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