Dagestan has recently had lots of public violence due to the Islamic group Shari'ah Jamaat. Since 2003 it has suffered from "escalating street warfare [causing] several hundred local and federal security forces, administrators, politicians, minister and journalists [to be] killed" (Europe Report N°192). Similar to other Muslim extremists, the Shariat Jamaat have started to employ terrorist methods. Police and federal attempts to limit the violence caused by this have been ineffective or counterproductive, causing more bloodshed rather than stopping it. Links between these Islamic extremists and those in Chechnya have caused further issues and have led to an "'anti-Wahhabism' law in Dagestan which has effect criminalized many moderate young Muslims" instead of limiting the violence of extremists (Europe Report N°192). Most of the violence that occurs is due to these jihad fighters rather than previous ethnic conflicts that had occurred.


Russia has recently supported Ramazan Abdulatipov to be a pro-Russian leader in Dagestan to not allow Islamic extremism to gain too much of a hold. Journalists thought to be supportive of the Shari'ah have been arrested and killed, along with other political leaders for corruption charges. All of these have have little effect on the militant group's expansion.


These methods to "limit" violence and Islamic extremism have been ineffective and violent in their own way. The problem of Muslim extremism has plagued Dagestan and other countries nearby for decades now. There does not seem to be an easy solution to remove or create peaceful relationships with them, so unfortunately any solution being tried now will have its own tendencies to be oppressive.   

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