Feudal Japan

An Empire of Japan

Q1. What is Feudalism

Feudalism is a form of government.

Q2. What led to the rise of Feudalism in Japan

The weak government wanted to could not control the fighting of the shoguns and the daimyo and then it became chaos.

Q3. What are 3 art forms from ancient Japan and how did they impact/influence society at that time period?

Haiku- Japanese poems, three lines 5, 7, 5 syllable poems.

Noh- Retelling legends/ told stories by dancing. They were told to upper class people. No music.

Kabuki- A play performed by men, using singing and dancing.

Q4. What was the social structure of Feudal Japan? Be sure to explain why each class is placed where they were in the Japanese social structure.

The social structures were Emperor, shogun, daimyo, samurai warriors, peasants and artisans, and merchants.

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