Week 15: Padlet

Padlet is a web-based bulletin board that's perfect for collecting responses, ideas, and collaborating online. Share the link with your class or group of colleagues and they can immediately begin adding content (text, images, videos, documents).

Getting Started

  1. Create an account or sign in at padlet.com (You can create a Padlet without an account, but you will not be able to save it for later. Your students DO NOT need to create an account to add content to your padlets.)
  2. Click New Padlet from the upper right corner.
  3. Double-click anywhere or drag a file onto the Padlet to begin adding content.

Modify Your Padlet

When you create a new Padlet, you can start adding content right away or you can spend a few minutes to personalize your Padlet.

Click the cog (gear) from the tools on the right side of your screen to modify your Padlet:

  • Basic Info - add a title, description, and a portrait image
  • Wallpaper - select a different wallpaper or upload your own
  • Layout - choose Freeform (posts can be put anywhere on the Padlet and resized freely), Stream (posts are placed one below the other), or as a Grid (posts are displayed in a grid-like layout)
  • Privacy - this section allows you to set your Padlet to be private, password protected, use a hidden link, or be totally public. You can also invite others to contribute to this wall by email or Padlet username. The "Moderate Posts" option in the Privacy panel gives you the option to approve every post before it goes live on the site.
  • Notifications - want to know when someone has posted on this Padlet? Check the (once daily) email option here
  • Address - each Padlet comes with its own fancy-schmancy-ridiculously-hard-to-memorize URL/web address. Click here to create an easier-to-remember URL!
  • Copy - you can make a copy of your Padlet including the posts or without the posts
  • Delete - don't need the Padlet anymore? Delete it here.

Classroom Applications

Instead of just listing ideas here, I've created a Padlet where we can all share ideas! Click the image below (or go directly to padlet.com/ctucker43/padlet) to gather ideas and share a few of your own!

Seriously ... click that link and post a few ideas. We'll wait.

Additional Resources

Want to learn more about Padlet? Check out these great resources!

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