Artists around the World

Hollagrotta (Thumbprint cookies)

Open Minds by Ulrica Hydman-Vallien

Contemporary Glass Artist

The pieces are criticizing what it actually means to be open-minded. I thought the artworks looked fun and it gives me a sense of whimsy.

Pfeffernusse ( Germany)

Edvard Munch- "Anxiety"

German Expressionism

Munch was a very troubled artist and this piece gives off a creepy, sinister feeling of despair.  I choose this piece because it epitomizes what German Expressionism is: the thick lines, the emotional, gut-wrenching feeling the crowd of people.

Caramel Wafers
The Netherlands

Pieter Aertsen- Butcher's Stall with the Holy Family Giving Alms

Northern Mannerism- This is a reverse still life, the narrative takes a back seat to the dead animals.  I choose this piece because there is so many details and symbols imbedded within it.

Almond Toast

Maurizio Savini- Porcupine

This artwork is gross and whimsical at the same time.  I think the artist chose gum as a medium to go outside the box.  I think this is deceptively cute and somewhat gross at the same time.

Belgian Chocolate Covered Butter Cookies

Herge'- Tintin #3 cover

Herge' 's art style was highly influential to comic book artists.  This image is of  Captain Haddock and Snowy looking back at a boat they escaped from.  The line work is clean and tells a clear story.  I think this is the type of comic cover that elevates sequential art.

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