1950-1960 Civil Right Movement

Brown vs. Board of Education

A: Linda Brown was a third grader in Topeka, Kansas. She lived 7 blocks away from a Summer elementary but it was a white school. They only way she could go to the closest black school was by walking 6 blocks to catch her schools bus stop that will go for 1 miles till reaching Monroe elementary. Brown's father to take this up to the supreme court where they banned segregation in schools. B: The family of Brown and the broad of education went to court on this problem in segregation. C: This Civil Right movement eradicated segregation in schools.   

Boycott of Segregated bus System

A: A black women named Rosa Parks started this movement by doing only one thing and that was not move from her seat because a white person told her to. Rosa was arrested after denying the white man. Black people were sparked by this innocent. They started to boycott the buses and just walk or ride their bikes to their destination. B: There was two community involved and that was the black community and the bus community. C: The boycott caused the bus systems to lose money only because most of the population in Montgomery are black. This got rid of segregation on buses.    

Integration of Central High School

A: In Little Rock, Arkansas 9 black students attended all white Central High school. Many whites came around to prevent the students from entering the school but the president sent National Guards to protect them. People would be yelling throwing things at them. B: The government and Arkansas school district were the main things involved. Only because the government force the district to follow orders. C: This movement showed that the government will not allow any one to disrespect the rules they give them based on segregation. They brought the National Guards to protect the students.     

First Lunch Counter sit in

A: With all the court cases banning segregation in schools and buses there was still segregation going on in the Southern states. Non violent Africa Americans started protesting in restaurants. While many blacks sat in the restaurants they were not served. B: The black community and segregation where still going at it. C: The peaceful movement help to found the SNCC and had 55 cites and 13 states doing the movement. With the help of the NAACP they were able to pass the Civil Right Act in 1964.  

Sitting in the White Section

A: In Albany, Georgia there was segregation still going around even after previous banning of segregation. Black students and civil right workers decided to ride in the white section of buses that still have segregation. B: Black students and state of Georgia where involved. C: This event caused the freedom riders to emerge.

Integration of the University of Mississippi

A: A man named James Meredith try to get in the University of Mississippi. When arriving at on campus, chaos broke out on the Ole Miss campus killing two people hundred injured and many others arrested. They sent National Guards and armed forces were sent to enforce orders. B: James Meredith and the Ole Miss students where the main sources that where involved. C: This started to have more small groups of blacks student to join others schools in the south. Even if James Meredith left Ole Miss to become a stockbroker.  

Death of Medgar Evers

A: Medgar Evers was the leader of the NAACP. On one mission to give blacks the right to vote. Know for his amazing quotes "You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea." and "I love my children and I love my wife with all my heart. And I would die, die gladly, if that would make a better life for them." Evers was alway targeted by the KKK. Then one night they came a burned his house. His family got out but he breathed in to much smoke that cause him to pass away. B: The KKK were involved in the murder of Medgar Evers. C: The death of Evers was just not any death but respected by the president himself. The president speech about Evers cause the black community to grow stronger because what Evers said "You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea."

Four Girls Killed from Church Bombing

A: In Birmingham, Alabama a bombing occurred by white racist who caused death to four black girls. The bombers targeted a black church that withheld civil right meetings. B: white racist and the black community was involved in this attack. C:  With the death of the four girls this was able to help the passing of the Civil Right Act and the Voting Right Act later in the year.    

March on Washington

A: On August 28, 1963 was know as the greatest day for The King. More than 200,000 African Americans join the march to Washington. The march was for jobs and freedom for the blacks. B: The black community and the government was involved in the march. C: This movement brought the most moving speech ever by Martin Luther King "I Have A Dream".

Murder of the Three Civil Right Workers

A: On the night of June 21 in Neshoba, Mississippi where three men who where kidnapped and shot by the KKK. They were all civil right works that made them a target by the KKK. B: The government and the KKK were involved in this case. C: The death of the three men James Earl Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner went unnoticed by the government which sent FBI to investigate the murder.

March to Voting Rights to Montgomery

A: On 1965 the SCLC made Selma, Alabama to focus black voting in the south. They attempting to march to Montgomery the capital of Alabama. Martin Luther King was apart of the march by leading the group. When they have reached Montgomery Alabama troopers where their to prevent them from passing. The troops used forces on them with tear gas, whips, and nightsticks. All the beating was captured on television and help more people to join the movement. One trooper shot and killed Jimmie Lee Jackson.  B: The civil right workers and  Alabama troopers. C: With this movement in history it caused president Lyndon Johnson to pass the Voting Right Act.

The Death of Martin Luther King

A: In April 1968, the world has exploded when they herd that Martin Luther King was killed in Memphis, Tennessee. Martin Luther King was found on the ground on the second floor of the Lorraine Motel. Where a sniper was waiting for the chance to kill King. The bullet shot hit Martin Luther King in the neck where he was rushed to the hospital where he was declare dead. The death of the non violent King caused many blacks in 100 cities to riot. The killer of Martin Luther King was a small criminal named James Earl Ray. Ray pleaded guilty and was sent to 99 years in prison. B: The black community and the white community was mostly involved after the death of MArtin Luther King. C: The death of the King impacted everyone. Martin Luther King will always be know as the most eloquent voice ever. In 1968 Johnson signed the Civil Right Act. In 1983 was the day where president Ronald Reagan sign the King holiday bill.   

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