Vitamin D Disease

What Is Vitamin D? - Vitamin D is a vitamin that you need in your Body for your endocrine system, for your kidneys to be able to collect waste and do its job. Vitamin D is produced when it is exposed to Ultraviolet (UV) Rays  from the sun. The Vitamin D disese is where the body can not  produce any Vitamin D  and the Endocrine system is affected where the Kidneys can not collect waste and it affected with sickness.

Having Too much vitamin D can be dangerous and can affect your body and your organ systems  and they can not function right, you have to get the right amount of the vitamin in your body.

How to cure Vitamin D disease -  The Vitamin D disease is cureable but takes time,  Lots of people have to take Vitamin D pills to get the vitamin in their system or they eat certain foods like eggs,fish,fortified milk etc  and they go outside more to get hit with the Ultraviolet Rays directly giving them Vitamin D.

So if you have the vitamin D disease go outside more to get natural sunlight and to get vitamin d in your body.

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