by Coby Smith and Bryan le

This photo shows repetition because all of the tips of the flower are all pointing upward in the same direction and have a similar color.
The repetition is the columns are all equally next to each other and casting the same shadows across the floor.
This shows all the corn on the husk that the corn tips look very similar to each other in shape and color.
All the telephone poles are exactly the same and the line of them goes on and on and on.
The shapes of these objects are all in straight lines next to each other and the appearance of all them are all the same
This photo shows repetition by having all of the hexagon interlock with each other and all the same color.
There are many different shades of yellow and gold all through the city and the windows.
The five ducks are looking at one direction and looking very similar.
All the goats are pretty much the same fur color and looking near or directly towards the camera.
They're all the same cupcakes and they all have the same sprinkles and wrappers.
The same shape and color around the flower shows repetition, as well as the effect that it is getting bigger and bigger.
All the gummy bears are all in the the same shape and each row is a different color.

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