rock cycle

The rock cycle is a on going cycle that can start from anywhere but I'm going to start on magma. When a volcano erupts the lava comes on to earth's crust and cools off once it is a igneous rock. When the igneous rocks gets weathered and erodes it is broken up into tiny pieces of rock called sediments. Once a big rock is on top of the sediments it  squeezes and puts heat and  pressure on it. That causes it to get formed into a sedimentary rock. With even more pressure it it forms into a metamorphic rock.


  • Flint is a sedimentary rock because it is a mix of two rocks and it is a biochemical
  • It is formed from microcrystalline  that has had a lot of pressure put on it
  • It is mostly found in eastern north america
  • Uses for flint would be fire or jewelry


  • It is fine grained and was made by a lot of pressure
  • There is clay that gets compressed from convergent plates and it makes shale and mudstone and then it compresses more to make slate
  • They could be found as tiles and roof tops
  • They are used in chalkboards and tiles


  • It is cooled lava and that is what an Igneous rock is
  • obsidian is formed from cooled down lava and hardening
  • They are mostly found by volcanoes
  • It is used in some jewelry and artist use it to make statues and in surgical tools

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