Exit Portfolio

Main Project


I am athletic. I am athletic because I love sports and being outside all of the time. I also like to stay in shape by exercising and running in and outside of school. Lastly I am athletic because I take my dog for a long walk everyday.


I am humorous. I am humorous beacause I am an outgoing and goofy kind of person. I am also sarcastic and so is my family so I was brought up that way. Lastly I am humorous because I have a good and funny sense of humor.


I am healthy. I am healthy because I exercise daily and I play sports in and outside of school. I also eat very healthy. I have a protien smoothie every morning and I get the appropriate amount of sleep at night.


I am loving. I am loving because I help people with their problems and when they are in trouble. If someone is crying I will make sure they are okay and I will support them. Lastly I am loving because I love and care for my family and friends with all of my heart.