Video Game Designer

           By: Noah Helmink

Description: The video game designer is supposed to make the game,in a way come to life. They make the setting,characters,maps,scenarios,difficulties,how to win or lose the game,and the user interface. This is all created through coding. Which makes it a lot easier.

         Education Needed

Students looking for a new career in this field usually have to attend a variety of different schools.  They need to have an associate's degree but a bachelors degree is even better. You should also take graphic design classes such as animation and computer science classes. This would include programming and other things.


The normal salary of a video game designer is around $28.13 every hour. And about $58,510 a day. (This is the only salary I could find.)

       Education Needed in High School

They try to follow a collage preparatory or a technical track curriculum. Also you should take advanced mathematics classes such as,analytic geometry,linear algebra, trigonometry and calculus. Computer programming classes are also important as mentioned before.

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