virus information

what you need to know about viruses
by:kaiden scott

this website will tell you all about the code red and code 2 virus.I't will also tell you about how to  protect your computer from them.A virus is computer bug that could replicate itself.Some types of viruses are Trojan horse,Worm,Software virus,E-mail virus.

One of the 10 worst viruses is the code red and code 2 virus. The virus exploited an operating system vulnerability in the windows 2000 and windows nt. The person responsible was not given out. Microsoft released software patches in the windows 2000  and the windows NT. Once patched the code red and code 2 worm could no longer infect the windows 2000 and window NT no more. But owners of computers who where infected had to remove it themselves.

Here are some ways you could keep your computer virus free.

1. never open an e-mail from someone you don't know.

2. always back-up your files.

3. don't open pop-ups.

4. don't download a video file from a file sharing website.

5. don't use a your friend's usb drive.

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