Hey guys !

Let's take a soda can in the fridge and...


Here's a little presentation video. It's not complete yet, I will re-upload it soon. So come back in a few time !

My tastes

In music, I like Coldplay, ThePianoGuys, Linkin Park, and a bit Imagine Dragons. Here some of my favorite songs of the moment :

Books ? I like fantasy books, detective stories, and a bit thrillers and horror books.

Here's some books that I love :

And here are some films that I like :

I don't often watch TV, but here's my favorite TV serie :

And, for the end, under here you can see my favorite board games and video games :

People I admire

I did a Tackk about the historical figure that I admire. Check it out !


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3 years ago

Hey Luca! I really enjoyed your takk and love your music and movie taste. Inception is most probably one of my favorite movies and forrest gump is a classic of course. And thanks for the video as well. :)