session 1

In session 1 we completed personal immune system health assessment. We also identified the structures associated with the immune system. We identified types of blood cells that are part of the immune sytem.

session 2

In session 2 we distinguished between antibodies and antigens. We explored the concept of community immunity. We modeled how community immunity prevents the spread of diseases, by using chips.

session 3

In session 3 we identified different types of microscopes. We explained how the microscopes have helped advance the field of medicine. We leaned the proper way to use and care for a microscope. And we learned how to take a micrograph using a microscope.

session 4

In session 4 we identified bacteria based on shape grouping, and staining. We classified bacteria from micrographs. And we also took micrographs of different types of bacteria using the microscope.

session 5

In session 5 we compared sizes of humans cells, bacteria cells and viruses. We distinguished between lytic and lysogenic viruses. Then we researched the prevention and treatment of a viral disesase.

session 6

In session 6 we explored how protest and fungi can be pathogenic. We identified methods of prevention and treatment of protest and fungal disease. Also we used the applied vision software to identify and micrograph a pathogenic protest and a fungus.

session 7

In session 7 we identified the benefits and the risk of exposure to sunlight. We developed a personal health plan to boost your immune system.

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