After the collapse of the Monche civilization in the eighth century A.D the kingdom of Chimor dominated the area until The Inca Destroyed it and created their own empire. The Inca used to be a small community located in the area of Cuzco, a city in the mountains of southern Peru. Under the leadership of the ruler Pachacuti, the Inca created a campaign of conquest and eventually Inca controlled the entire region. The Inca had almost 12 million people in their empire. They Inca state was built on war. All young men were required to join the Inca army. The army had 200,000 members, it was one of the largest and best armed in the region. To create a well-organized empire, the emperor divided it into 4 quarters, each ruled by a governor. The Inca were great builders. They built roadways over mountains and tunnels and bridges. The Inca were a very smart advanced civilization.

Inca Map

Inca Timeline

What were their cities like

The structures were built of close-fitting stones without mortar so it could withstand the earthquakes. The ancient city of Machu Piccu was built on a lofty hilltop surrounded by mountain peaks far above the Urbamba River.

How did they get their food

They built farms on their terrace and there they grew things like corn, potatoees, and other crops.

What did their warriors look like

They were the strongest and most equiped army. The army had many warriors because it is requiered that all boys had to join the Inca army.

What kind of gods did they believe in

They believed in one god, the god of the sun. In one part of Machu Piccu, along stairway leads to a stone known to the Inca as the hitching post of the sun, there people gathered to chant and say prayers to Inti the son god

How were their families and society structured

Men and women were required to select a marriage partner from within their social groups. After marriage, women were expected to care for children and to weave cloth. In rural areas, the people lived by farming. In the mountains, they sed terraced farms, watered by irigation systems.

How did they build

They built roadways, bridges, and aqueducts. The buildings and monuments of the capital city of Cuzco were the wonders of early Europeans visitors.

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