Cyber Bullying Need to Stop

Kecia Hoyte

      Bullying has been around for very long time, but apparently others has made it possible for bullies to harassstudents from the comfort of their homes. Cyber Bullying is a systematic abuse that takes place on electronic devices, such as cell phones and computers. Most of many teenagers spend time online everyday, which may expose them to the possibility of such harassment quite often.

      Cyber bullying takes place on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, in chat rooms, forums, and virtual games, and on sites like Youtube. Any place on the Internet that is commonly frequent by young people. Cyber bullies often prey on victims though instant messaging and texting as well. Teens have used cell phones to snap embarrassing photos and take humiliating videos that they post online. For example, sending hurtful messages messages, spreading lies or rumors electronically, and creating websites that humiliate or embarrass others. This leaves many victims feeling truly isolated and targeted, as if everyone is on the joke.

      There are many effects to cyber bullying, they are very similar to regular bullying. Targets of electronic aggression often suffer from depression, become violent or hurt themselves and preform poorly in school.. They fear social situations which often results in the victim not wanting to attend school or feeling to scared or uncomfortable to learn. They also tend to have low self-esteem. For Example, people who have been cyber bullied act out through reckless behavior. This can have profound devastating result of cyber bullying is suicide. Cyber bullying can really effect on their people on many different levels.

      I feel education and communication are the keys yo stopping cyber bullying. Children should be encouraged to report bulling of any kind. Young people don't realize the seriousness of cyber bullying until the abuse has gotten out of control. Depending on the severity of the attacks, parents may elicit the help of the teachers, site administrator, or law enforcement officers.

     Cyber bullying has put many effects on kids and has hurt them, also has made them depressed. I feel kids should not be bullied for what they do, how they look, or what they wear because we shouldn't be judged by our personality. I also think we should treat each other with the same respect instead of being treated different. Cyber bullying needs to be put to an end.


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