Ancient Israel: Abraham

In ancient times, the country called Israel was known as Canaan, or the Promised Land. A man named Abraham led his family to Canaan from the city-state of Ur. Abraham did this because he believed the Hebrew God had promised to give the land to him and all of his descendants. For this reason, Abraham is known as the Father of the Hebrews. The Hebrew people lived in Canaan for hundreds of years after Abraham moved them there. Eventually, they left to travel to Egypt because there was a famine in Canaan.

Ancient Israel: Moses

Moses was an important leader in ancient Israel. The Hebrew people, also called the Israelites, were enslaved by an Egyptian pharaoh. Moses is the leader who brought them out of captivity.  Their journey back to Canaan is called the Exodus. During the Exodus, the Torah says that Moses received the 10 Commandments, which is important because it is the basis for western law today.

Ancient Israel: Judaism

The religion of the Israelites is called Judaism. Judaism is still practiced today, all over the world. Judaism is a monotheistic religion; people who practice Judaism only believe in one God. Their sacred book is called The Torah, and people attended synagogues to worship. Jewish religious leaders are called rabbis.

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