( camelus )

The camel is an herbivore , which it survives mainly on its diet of dried up leaves , seeds and even sometimes dried up bones of several desert animals . It drinks up to at least 200 liters of water a day , even though a camel can survive without water for long days at least 10 -20 days without i.

The camel has a very long lifespan , which it can live up to being fifty years old !

The camel can breed in captivity which main of the camels in modern times are domesticated and used for some entertainment purposes like the circus or zoos.

The camel's personality can range from different emotions . They tend to being affectionite like a pup , attention seeking , obnoxious at times but overall tend to remember everything .

The camel's habitat is mostly the drier regions of the world . Which they are bulit physically and mentally for . They're home land is arabia , which the camel can be found all over the middle east . Some are found in the u.s and australlia

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