Ginny Atkins

Session One

In session one in the module immunology we created our immune system health assessment. We also identified different structures dealing with the immune system.We also did the post test.

Session Two

In session two we did and RCA and after that we used dice, and colored chips to show a model of how diseases are massed to other people in a population. We also learned about how a disease can be distinguished.

Session Three

session three we got to use a microscope. when using to microscope we looked at a slide with human blood. We got to see the blood cells and took a picture of what we saw through to microscope with a computer software

session 4

in session four we identified bacteria. we also classified bacteria. and lastly we took pictures using the microscope of different bacteria.

session 5

in session five my partner and I compared the sizes of different cells, researched treatment options for viruses, and labeled different structures in a virus. we also took an RCA.

session 6

In session 6 me and my partner started off by exploring different fungi in a human body. we then identified different treatment options.  

session 7

in session 7 my partner and I took the post test. After that we identified the good and bad of being in the sunlight. After that we developed a personal health plan.