Summer of 2014!

This summer was probably the best summer, it was beyond perfect. I traveled to 14 different states, it was quite the adventure. I spent many days in the car with mixed emotions as I waited to finally reunite with my family and meet the newest addition to our family. After being in California for two weeks, it was finally time for the journey back to Indiana. We ended up stopping in Las Vegas for the night, and it was exactly how I pictured it. Also while we were in Kentucky we were able to go to the famous Kentucky Derby. Even though I slept most of the time we were in Wyoming, it was very different it may sound stupid but when my dad pointed out that the speed limit was 80pmh I kind got excited, it was just nice to go faster than Logansport's speed limit of 30mph. One downfall about my trip to all of these amazing states was the fact that I got home the day before school had started. I wouldn't change the way my summer went for any reason. I'm defiantly looking forward to summer of 2015!

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