This is Tackk

Alternatively known as an interactive presentation

Tackk is an effective e-learning method that allows learners to present and share their work electronically.

Tackk can also be used by teachers and tutors to set tasks or questions. A link can be published for learners to access and then follow the instructions given (a great welcome to the class task to get everyone settled).

Tackk is also a useful device to gain peer to peer feedback. Learners can produce a piece of written work, publish this (within a closed forum of peers) and learners can then comment on each others work.

Good for tutors because:

As part of the blended learning incentive tutors can create online lessons in the form of tutorials, presentations, activities etc

Starters and plenaries


Assess students work and provide summative feedback instantly

Links to other interactive services -

Privacy settings - can use student email

Good for students because:

Students can produce work in the form of timelines, posters, tutorials, general assignment work instead of Word  

Students can peer assess by sharing their work and then leaving feedback comments

Students can collaborate

Can use it for research, brainstorming and access it from all devices - there is a TACKK app

Links to social media, blogging

Promotes interactivity and creativity

Short Activity

Direct yourself to and easily create your own account

Create your own TACKK page  on a subject of your choice

Try use as many tools available to familiarise yourself with TACKKs unique layout and features (if you have any of your own resources feel free to embed this into your own presentation)

- Add section headers

- Add text (lesson objectives, information, instructions)

- Insert images

- Embed videos

- If you have any, apply your own e-learning tools

Post your own TACKK link below


How can you use TACKK within your area and what can you use it for?

Do you think it is an appropriate tool for blended learning?

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