Allyson Amabile

March 24, 2015
Contrast and Contradictions

While reading Speak I noticed something unusual about the what's going on with the character.  Melinda starts her first day of ninth grade without any friends. It's not like she is a new kid, she has been going there for years. Her ex-bestfriend even mouths the words "I hate you" from across the room. Not only do all of her friends, or ex-friends, hate her, but the whole school seems to hate her which is not something I was expecting. When she walks down the hallways people push her and knock her books out of her hands. I wonder what she did to make everyone hate her, including the ones who were the closest to her.

March 25,2015
Tough Questions

As I am reading I wonder why Melinda doesn't tell anyone the truth about the night of the party? She obviously didn't call the cops just to get everyone in trouble. I feel like there is a reason she called the cops and didn't just go and talk to somebody. It seems like she is holding in whatever happened to her at that party just because she doesn't want to think about it. Maybe if she just talked about it it would help her let go of some of the stress, and if she would just tell her friends what really happened that night they would forgive her. If she would just talk about it she could get rid of most of her problems. She could get her friends back, the school wouldn't hate her, and she would be relieve of some of the stress.I don't understand why she doesn't tell the truth about what actually happened that night at the party.

March 26, 2015
Again and Again

In Melinda's freshman year of high school she takes a art class in which she gets assigned a project. She has to make a tree show something more than just making a sculpture of a tree. She has to put an emotion in to it. I feel like every time Melinda is having an emotional moment or feels lonely she goes back to thinking about the tree. She has mentioned the tree several times. I think that there has to be something that is going to come out during her time making the tree sculpture. This tree project is due at the end of the year, so by then I think the truth about the night of the party will come out. I think that during this project she will feel her true feelings about that night and her emotions will come out into the tree sculpture, just as the art teacher wanted.

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