Getting Started on Twitter

Resources for Educators new to Twitter

Benefits of Twitter for Teachers:

  • Find info related to teaching, technology, or your subject area
  • Connect with other educators in your school board and around the world
  • Share the great and amazing things going on in your classroom
  • Provide information for students, parents, administrators, and other teachers
  • Find out what others are thinking during conferences even if you are not there

Still  a little uncertain about using Twitter?  Check out How Teachers Can Stop Being Scared of Twitter and watch the video below to get a quick overview of how Twitter can be leveraged by teachers.

The infographic below gives a quick overview of the parts, applications, hashtags and chats teachers should know about.

Now that you know some of the basics use the video and infographic below to help you get signed up, review your account information, start following people, and get started tweeting.  The infographic also explains some advanced features like lists and direct messaging that you may find useful.

Now that you have gotten started, check out some popular Education Hashtags using the link below.  Be sure to check out #Peel21st to see what Peel Teachers are talking about.

Use the link below to help you discover what all the short forms ppl on Twitter are using

Need more info?  Click on the links below to find lots of helpful Twitter resources for Teachers all on one page.