Plexus My New Home Business

I got started with plexus when i was talking to a friend of mine one day he went through my line at Wal-Mart and i said man what did you do to loose all your weight because i really need to loose weight so i can be able to be there for my baby then he was still an infant and now he is 2 1/2 years old. He said well i have to rush home we have company coming and i need to get back there with this stuff so i will call you later if you will send me a message on facebook with your number and i will get back to you it maybe after the holidays but i will get back to you. I said ok, so i did just what he asked and it was probably a few weeks after that when he called but he did call me back. He said hey when will you be in town next i know you aren't working but if we could set up a time and day i would love to show you how i have lost this weight. I said sure that would be great so i went the following week to his home and we sat at his kitchen table as he was telling me about how he lost his weight drinking this stuff he was going to give me a sample of. I have to admit, i was really not wanting to taste it because we all know what diet drinks and what not tastes like! HE handed me a small dixie cup and said here tell me what you think of this ??

I said ok so i slowly took a sip expecting the worst of taste to hit my mouth and that i would have to find a place to spit it fast or toss my cookies trying to swallow it all. Not the case i took a sip and was very pleasantly surprised that it tasted sorta of like a tootsie pop or fruit punch. I said so i know what it does for your weight, but i was thinking i am looking for a way to earn money from home to help my husband pay the bills so that I can feel like i am doing my part in the financial department.

Little did i know i would soon be entering a whole new world called network marketing i have met alot of people all of the world without physically being in the same country as they are. Anyway i joined Plexus worldwide in October of 2013, and was having no luck with getting people to come into plexus all they could see was that IT COSTS SO MUCH! Ok i will give you if you look at the price as a whole even i think it is expensive but do the math how many people out there spend 1.58 per bottle of soda, or some energy drink that cost two or three dollars a can on each break they have so if you get two 15 minute breaks, 1 hr lunch that is 3 breaks. Lets take it a little further lets say you have only one drink per break some people have two but we will go with 1 per each break making the total 4.74 per day that's $142.20 per month that people spend on a drink that is not good for you . Plexus slim /Accelerator combo cost 89.95 per month if your an ambassador for a 30 day supply it figures out to be $2.30 per day as an ambassador for 30 days worth of product versus 2.25 per day, If your just a customer the prices are preferred customer and you would pay 99.95 which is $3.33 per day . IF you buy the plexus slim as an ambassador it is 69.95 per month that breaks down to 2.33 per day, Preferred customer would pay 79.95 which is about $2.66 per day . So there you have it this is what i do my results. Well In the first two weeks have lost about 8 inches off my waistline and weight i lost about 10 lbs in two months. I need to start focusing on getting some customers people who want to regain their health ! And that is my business in a nut shell. If you would like to see what Plexus has to offer you can go to and check it all out. Thanks for your time and i hope you enjoyed reading about my business.

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