Fabrizio Balestri - Business Consultant Services

Fabrizio Balestri is a successful business leader with over 30 years of executive management experience. He has assisted in starting up companies and operating them, he has overseen company growth, and he has overseen an increase in product sales including while with American Express. He has gained a vast amount of knowledge through this experience a nose for finding companies with potential and helping them grow. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Lorica International and Education Loan Source and a Managing Director of Blue Sky Initiatives. He also serves as an advisor to number of companies including Quic Industries, Operating Room Innovations, and Salgomed.

As a business consultant, Fabrizio Balestri provides his business knowledge to companies who have great ideas and are leaders and intellects in their field but lack the experience or business direction to make those ideas realities. In the past, he has worked chiefly with young intellectuals who lead their field but lack that business know-how. He has assisted companies in acquiring international and domestic patents as well as finding and obtaining international and domestic manufacturers.

Specifically, Fabrizio Balestri can offer specific services, based on a companies needs. He can offer a wide variety of services because of the vast amount of experience that he gained while working in executive management positions. Companies often require high-energy interim executive leadership. Fabrizio can provide that. Some companies need added experience or direction in transforming rapid sales teams. Fabrizio has lots of experience doing this. Others need advice on how best to organize, realign, focus and execute a business plan. Fabrizio is an expert at this. And some companies need an expert in finances, and marketing. Fabrizio can do both.

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