Sentence Structure

I Can Statements:

  1. Put spaces between my words
  2. I can write simple sentences to share ideas.
  3. I can organize words in order to create sentences.

The Process:

Have students use a drawing app such as Doodle Buddy or Draw and Tell (if you want to also record student reading the sentence) to create sentences.  Students write the words in their sentences putting stamps between each word.  Once students have created their sentences they take a screenshot or save their work to the computer.  This particular lesson works best on the iPad or mobile device, but is possible on a computer using a tool such as Word Mover where students can type in words and then make them into sentences.

Ideas for Implementation

For classrooms that do not have access to a large number of devices setting up centers where students can first write out their sentences and then move to the technology center to create their project.  If you are using iPads or Android devices having a handout with a picture of the app each student will be using will be helpful for them to find the app on the device. At this center station it might be helpful to create a video showing students what they will need to do you can put a link to this video on each device or you can put out a QR code where students can scan the code and watch the video to see what they need to do at this center.

Sharing Students Work

Depending on what tools you are using you can have students save their work to the photo album.  If you are using Draw and Tell you can save the item to the camera roll directly.  Using the computer you can save the item from Read Write Think to the computer.  The best way to collect student work would be to either have students email the picture to you using email that is already set up on the device or if students have Google Drive accounts have them save it to a folder.  

Kidblog is also a great place to put student work where parents can see what their children are working on.


Creation Tools:

Doodle Buddy (iPad)

Word Mover (Computer)

Whiteboard (Android)

Tools for Sharing:


Lesson Standards for Common Core

Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of print.


Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of print.


Understand that words are separated by spaces in print.

A big thank you to Emily Sicilia for the great suggestion!  We should run more often.