Key Things to Check While Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance

A motorbike is a versatile ride that allows you to scale the streets of cities as well as countryside easily. To protect it from the impact of uncalled incidents such as accidents, riots, or any other damage, a two wheeler insurance policy is recommended.

Different motorbikes require different kinds of protection. As a result, you need to customize the policy to cover the various requirements.

1. Coverage for Third-party Liability

Any policy should protect your bike against any kind of legal liability arising due to damage caused to third-party, other vehicle, property, etc. It should also cover any bodily injury or death of person caused during the event of accident.

2. Damage to Vehicle

This is the basic cover offered by any policy. It should offer cover for untoward damages caused due to:

  • External factors like fire, explosion, self-ignition, or other accidental damages.
  • Any damage caused during transit of the vehicle.
  • Damage caused by natural disasters such as lightning, flood, earthquake, typhoon,  etc.
  • Damage caused by malicious activity such as burglary, theft, riots, etc.

Here are the additional covers provided by policy:

Additional Covers:

1. Personal Accident Cover

For an extra premium, you can avail a complete personal accident cover. This cover can start from as low as Rs.1 lacs and can extend up to Rs.2 lacs. This can be added with any other health insurance plan to increase the scope of cover.

2. Exclusions

Each policy will not offer coverage for every kind of damaged incurred by the vehicle. Here are a few exclusions that a policy will not reimburse.

  • Regular wear-and-tear and damage caused due to aging
  • Depreciation based loss or damage
  • Electrical or mechanical damage and consequent repairs.
  • Damage caused by a person to the vehicle who drives without a valid license.
  • Damage caused by a person to the vehicle under the influence of alcohol.
  • War or terrorist attack damage