Chris' Poetry Portfolio

The Journey

The Life of Baseball

Baseball is my life

It's the only thing I do

Baseball is the best


I saw a flower

The flower is beautiful

It is red and green

The Sun

Heat comes from the sun

The sun produces heat waves

The sun makes me sweat

The King of Baseball

The baseball field is like my home

The mound is like the throne of a king

The ball is my crown

I'm the king of baseball

Some think baseball is boring

When I throw the ball I only think about baseball

Baseball is the best game of them all

Baseball is my life

Baseball King

The baseball field is like my kingdom
The mound is like my thrown
The ball is my crown
My teammates are like my soldiers waiting for war
Who ever steeps into the batters box is my enemy
My team is like an army beating everyone in our paths
I rule over everyone
The baseball field is the center of my empire

Playing Baseball

The sound of the bat hitting the ball
Henry hit a home run
The sound of the ball be caught
The sound of henry being hit by the ball
Thud Thud Thud!
The sound of Henry running to first base
The crowd roared until the game was over


The crowd roared for their team
For it was the ninth inning
It was our team's dream
We didn't think we could win in the beginning
This is the championship
We work our hardest to make it here
Our team had a great relationship
The crowd is so loud we couldn't hear

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