What is Diabetes?

Do you know anyone in your life that is affected by Diabetes? Diabetes is a health condition that can effect many children and adults around the world.

Diabetes is a group of diseases that results in too much sugar in the blood, or high blood glucose.Some people are born with it and it does not effect them until they are older. People inject them selves with something called insulin some people choose to use a pump and others use decided to inject them selves with needles.   

When people are diagnosed with diabetes they have to eat a spacial amount of food and have to inject them selves with a spacial amount of insulin. They prick there finger with a needle and blood come out of the finger and they use a machine that takes up the blood and tells them there blood sugar and this is called a Aviva

There are two types of Diabetes there is type one and type two. Type one is said that it can not be prevented. Some doctors say they can't predict if they will get it or not. While some scientist believe that a person genes that are passed down from parents have something to with getting type one diabetes. Another way a person can get type one diabetes is by a viral infection that might be needed to trigger type one diabetes.  

Type two diabetes is different. The pancreas is able make insulin, but the body does not use it the right way. Doctors believe one of the primary factors is getting type two diabetes is being over weight.

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