1st Period:  Brandy B, Tanisha G, Swanshae J, Tamia R

Skyline of Chicago

This is located downtown Chicago, this is the skyline of Chicago. This represents my city and where I’m from. The big Windy City is the west side, east side, south side, and north side of Chicago where all kind of things go on. Chicago is not just bad it’s good in its own way.

Train Up A Child!

Stop putting a bad influence on our children and show them how to be better and to achieve in life. The streets is not the answer, violence is not the answer! Our children watch every move we make and think its okay to follow. We can do better!

This is a van on lake street parked in the Garfield neighborhood. This van have writing saying “stop the violence, we want grow up, don’t shoot!” Here is showing somebody in this neighborhood care about their community.

My two nephews, my oldest nephew kissing his little brother. Showing him how much he loves him a lot.

This building is located on 16th and Kedize street. It’s a phone booth in the front of the building and it looks like this building used to be a barber shop. The windows busted and it’s a lot of glass everywhere.

This House is located on 16th and Kostner. This is a stone house with busted windows. The house looks nice but it’s abandoned. There’s also a trailer home on the side of the house. While I stand at the bus stop every morning, someone comes out of the trailer home.

This mural is located on the north side of Chicago. Its right on the side of Morse, the redline stop on the train, on Glenwood street. This represents the town saying "welcome to my town". This is me and where I'm from, my neighborhood. It also has different languages, Bienvenido / Huan Ying / Mingalaba.

The life of living in the neighborhood of Homan Square; An drug infested neighborhood in the block of 3600 w. Lexington, but a very friendly and safe neighborhood.

Coming together as one!

My community is not what people think it is. Yes its shooting, killing and drugs, but that’s not what my neighborhood is all bout. My neighborhood is a good community where we can have fun together. When we see something wrong the community we come together and try to fix it. We have a good community and we can come together as one when we need to.

The Christian Love Missionary Baptist Church took the youth to Navy Pier, Trying to keep the youth busy and keep them in a positive mind.

Christian Love Missionary Baptist Church has church in the park; they are spreading the gospel in our community and feeding our people. Our church organization is doing something positive in our community.

In this image Its a cubs game going on. This is a normal place to be on a Sunday for a Chicagoan . Although you cant see , the ball park is very diverse. This is a historical place for Chicago and as been here since 1914 and became a franchise in 1916.

A Better Chicago

Most people would say that Chicago is full of crime, homicide, and violence. But like in any other city, sate or country, you have generous people who don't mind giving back to the community even if its small contribution.

In this photo you see 3 men working at a snowball stand. On this day it was really hot and humid. This picture takes place at a store on Madison and Pulaski. It was a hot day so the men were polite enough to quench peoples thirst.

Al raby high school students walking down 47th beach. They were going to the beach to clean up to help the environment.

Make A Change!

To make a change you have to be willing to do your best at everything. Keep your head up and don't give up, if you don't, you won't succeed. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

The students at Al Raby doing their work. The teacher was watching them do their bell ringer. It was the morning time, around 8:00 am, so most students don’t look engaged.

In this picture it shows a student angry over getting homework. Have you ever just wanted to leave school without the depressing feeling of having to go home and do homework ? This  picture describes the feeling/ look of  every teenager ready to just be free from school

Al Raby High School 7th period Gym class; regular and low-incident students participating in gym. There is no discrimination between the differences of these teens, we are all one.

Al raby high school students sitting together in the lunch room talking, getting to know each other having fun. This showing Al raby kids can be together without fighting each other. They can get alone with each other.

High school students from all over the city are participating in a college fair taking place at Navy Pier. Students gets an overlook of 400 colleges that are there.

This picture was taken at Navy Pier around 12:30 pm on 9/27/14. There were all types of colleges at the college fair. We were getting acceptance letters into college and we were also seeing which college was the best fit for us. It was a good experience for us as high school seniors trying to get into college.

Chicago Life

My name is Brandy,

Everybody call me diamond,

I live in this city called Chicago,

AKA Chi-town, Now chiraq,

Chicago why do you have to change,

All our children are flicking away,

Bang here, bang there, drop drop drop,

Who's shot now!? My brother, my sister, ME!?,

Is it ME!?,

Man I thought I saw my life right before my eyes,

I knew this had to be a dream,

So much gun violence here I'm afraid to live,

Tough streets of Chicago,

You made me who I am,

You forced me to observe what kids my age did not see,

I know this is where I don't want to be,

I'm bigger, brighter and better,

I don't want to live this type of life,

As you can see it's not for me,

I desire better,

Chicago you are better than what people say you are,

When are we gone get back on our feet to the streets?

~Brandy Blaney~

Make A Change!

Mr G. said go home and write a page tonight.

I went home and wrote a page about making a change, A change don't come very easily. You have to be willing to make the change in order to change it. This starts with you if you want the change.

Al Raby High School is full of changes. Some people change for the better some change for the worst. Stay positive and stay in school, don't give up!

In Chicago you have to be wise about the decisions that you make. You might think it's just a little thing, everything affects you at the end. Everything you say or do always have an effect on you. It's all fun and games but at the end you will be looking dumb.

Chicago can be fun and adventurous. You just have to put effort into your positive behavior. Put the guns down and pick up your books!

We are here to make a change, I love my city!

~Swanshae Jones~

Coming Together As One

What is the community coming to? I'm from
the west side of Chicago they call it the "holy" where
everything happen killing, drugs, a lot. I've been living there my whole life I am now 17, a African american female who's trying to get out her neighborhood and make it better.

It's not easy living where I live, you have
to careful doing everything, going to the store, just hanging outside with friends its real crazy that we got to do that but that's life in my neighborhood.
That's the negative people know about my neighborhood but that's not what my communities all about. We can come together and have fun outside. We have different activities in our neighborhood. Some days we can actually come together and have fun.
people really know the negative
but do not know the positive. - Tanisha

A Better Chicago

And Mr. Geesaman said go home and write a page today, and let that page come out of you. It’s kind of hard to write about yourself even though you’re the person who knows yourself the best. Everything and everyone is a mystery and creation from above. It’s up to you how you want to live your life. Chicago is not the easiest place to live but I make it work for myself. No matter the hardships life throws at me I have to deal with it. People tend to say that Chicago is full of violence, gangs, and other mischievous things but in reality it’s just like any other place.