The Awesome Franklin D. Roosevelt

Denise Perez

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd president in the United States.

Do you want to read about the awesome Franklin.D Roosevelt because he did some really cool and interesting facts. I am going to tell you about his early life ,accomplishments ,why he was famous and other facts.


  • He went to private school
  • He liked physicals and chemistry
  • He was an editor of an student news paper
  • He was not a brilliant student but popular
  • He went to law school for two years


  • He led world war two and they won
  • He got polio and survived polio.
  • He admired his cousin to be a assistant


Why He Was Famous

  • He helped the Americans win world war two
  • He helped the Americans survive disaster of the great depression
  • He helped the united States out a lot

Intresting Facts

  • He married his distant cousin
  • He has four sons
  • This is how he died he fell back in his chair then seven hours later he died
  • He served longer than any other president so far

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