Dealing with anorexia

Written for my beautiful best friend<3

I have a close friend

Who cuts and throws up

She's classed as anorexic

But still she wont stop

It kills me to see her

Going through this pain

And knowing I cant help her

Even though we're near the same

She means so much to me

Even when she shouts

Tells me that she hates me

And she don't want me about

But that's not her talking

It's the voice inside her head

Telling her to do things

and say those things she said

I remember when we met

We hated each others guts

But then something changed us

The fact that we both cut

Something kinda clicked

Between myself and her

I had someone to talk to

And life wasn't such a blur

She's always had things tougher

Than the wrong that's in my life

I help her like she helps me

Even if its just removing a knife

One thing I have learned

From her and I

Is never judge

Because the story they tell

May just be a lie...<3