A Blast To The Past By Destiny Marie Christian

I was in a science lab playing when I came across an old time machine. The sign on it said do not touch. Without paying any attention to the sign i touched the time machine. Because I did not listen I was now trapped in the time of Jesus crucifixion on the cross to the time he arose. I saw how they made him carry his own cross. I saw how they twisted the thorns to make his crown and forced it on his head. They beat him and spit on him. They called him names and tortured him. They treated him horribly.

They put the cross next to two criminals and nailed his hands and his feet to the cross. Later that day they took his body and put it in a tomb. After they were done treating his body they pushed a big stone in front of the entrance.

I decided to go ahead and start gathering parts to make my time machine . After working my hardest for three days an not being able to find anything I just gave up. I took a walk and saw the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. I saw Jesus raise form the tomb. I could not comprehend what I just saw. I needed to think. I went and sat down on an old marry go round i found. When I sat down the marry go round started to spin at the speed of light. After a few minutes I started to get sick and after about a half an hour it stopped. I was back in the science lab safe and sound.  

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