The Renewable Resource Way

Renewable Resources -Resources you can use over and over.

What's Wrong With Fossil Fuels?

The problem with fossil fuels is that they are nonrenewable resources,so we could run out.Fossil fuels also pollute the air in the making of the energy,which could cause health issues if inhaled.Right now over 75% of the energy used in the United States comes from burning fossil fuels.Since fossil fuels are limited,the U.S should find another way to create energy.

There's  A  Solution

Your probably thinking "What other energy resources are there?",and that's when renewable resources come in.Wind,Water,Geo Thermal,Bio Fuels,and Solar energy are all renewable resources that can create energy.You can buy solar panels to produce solar energy.You can use a wind turbine to produce wind energy.You can use the flow of water to create water energy.You can also use two other processes which take place underground to create geo thermal energy and energy from bio fuels.You can use any of these renewable resources instead of fossil fuels to produce energy.

Why  Should I ?

You should use alternative energy resources instead of fossil fuels because unlike fossil fuels,alternative energy resources are renewable.You may be thinking that solar panels cost alot,but there's another way to think about it.While you lose money to the electric bill each month,you could pay for all your energy at one time if you buy solar panels.This way you won't have to pay monthly bills and you can regain the same amount of money you paid for the solar panels by not having monthly bills and getting paid from any job you may have.People who live in any area can use at least one of the five alternative energy resources.Why?They're everywhere!The problem is fossil fuels,renewable resources are your solution!

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