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Raising Funds

Our professionals are quite experienced when it comes to raising capital for emerging companies. As a whole, our people have sufficient experience to bring a business to a higher state of development.

The track record of our consultants includes vital skill sets pertaining to sourcing out capital. We take care of corporate finance, engineering and business development leading to the highest potential for raising capital.

Firms that satisfy our financial criteria allow us to work with them in every phase of their operations. As a result, we assist in introducing the firm to potential investors assured that we have successfully showcased the company’s potential for business growth.

Corporate Advising Our clients provide proof of our wealth-creating capability within our present turbulent economic environment.

There are instances when executives of firms become shortsighted and must require a new set of eyes. Having one of our advisors immersed within a company can help bring out in others the ability to see things that were not apparent before.

Keeley Consulting advisors can assist in increasing profitability by enhancing performance in any organization.

Due Diligence Clients must possess the right strategy that can respond to the volatile climate to provide them with the highest potential for creating wealth.

Our people will assess the conditions surrounding the deal, problems relating to the buyer’s ability to find money for the acquisition, for instance, or if the seller has the power to dispose of the company. Whatever the situation, our expert workers will trace every obstacle that could undermine the deal.

The due diligence practice is vital as it makes the entire transaction among all parties equitable. We are confident that our due diligence method is meticulous and acceptable to our clients and everyone else involved.

Mergers & Acquisitions We can represent either the seller or the buyer to assist them in making the entire process trouble-free, open, and equitable.

With our wide array of know-how in several different industries, we have developed a tested systematic strategy with excellent results. This makes us achieve successful sales with the maximum level of profit gained by the seller, as well as protecting other interested parties in the deal, such as vendors, buyers and even employees.

We have been particularly successful during the past few years in the area of mergers and acquisitions. Our rate of success is more than 90% for all the deals we have engaged in.

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