1. The  tragic loss of Romeo and Juliet
  • Editorial- I believe there story symbolized real,true love. even though they didn't know each other very well they still loved each other. honestly the way i see it is love knows no time limit, it doesn't matter how long you've known someone if you are willing to sacrifice your whole life for them then you truly have love for that person. Romeo and Juliet is the prime example for my explanation. I personally think there story was amazing and showed what most people go through everyday. In our day and age its different from the way it was back in there time period. In society today we have freedom of choice which means we choose who we want to be marry. Back in there day they didn't have the freedom we have now, there parents chose who they were going to marry and if they didn't want to marry the man that was chosen for them then they would be denounced  from there family.  I am  grateful that i do get to have freedom of choice because i don't think i would make it in Romeo and Juliet's time. If there relationship were to exist in this day and age i think it would be true love. In this day and age love is expressed by actions rather than words. i feel like there love story should be a example of true love.
  • article- these lovers were involved in a serious family rivalry that they desperately wanted to end. Juliet fell head over hills in love with romeo from the moment she layed eyes on him. romeo was a very charming and handsome young man that was once in love with a woman named Roseline. once they met each other for the first time they just couldn't stop thinking about one another. romeo sent for Juliet to come to frair lawrence to get married in secret. Once the two lovers were married Juliet's cousin Tybalt came looking for romeo instead Tybalt and Romeo's friend Mercutio began fighting and Tybalt killed Mercutio . When romeo heard that his friend Mercutio was dead he then faced Tybalt and at the end of the fight Romeo had killed Juliet's cousin Tybalt. Romeo ended up getting banned from the city verona. Juliet had planned a fake death so she wouldn't have to marry Paris ( the man her parents wanted her to marry). Romeo rushed to the city of verona soon as he got the news that Juliet was dead. Romeo then got himself some poison and when he got to the church to see Juliet for the last time he drunk the poison and died. Juliet suddenly arose and saw romeo dead she then took a gun and shot herself in the head.
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