Christmas is Awesome!
Lauren and Maren

It is always exciting to be a family.

Family is a big part of Christmas as well. Sharing a meal and exchanging gifts with cousins is always fun, even if you have a few crazy little cousins who think they're spiderman. Christmas Eve dinner is a great way to catch up with family you don't see often.

Everyone loves this holly and jolly season filled with tons of activities. This will show the check list that makes the best Christmas ever. This holiday season starts with decorating the house to sparkle and shine to match the season. Next it's time to create by making gingerbread house of each person's own unique style. After you have finished that it's time to tell everyone what you want for Christmas this year by making a Christmas list. The season is not over yet time to have fun in the snow by doing your favorite winter activities which the whole family can enjoy. As the count down of the holiday season is drawing near you must spend some time with family. Wether you turn up Christmas music and play games or make snacks and watch your favorite Christmas movies you will sure to have a great time.

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