How To Prevent CyberBulling

Cyber bulling is the use of technology to harm or harass other people in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner.

Ways you can be a cyber bullied.

1.Facebook , instagram, pinerest , any app or website that you can easily share or post something. ( that some people do seem to like)

2. Reading mean or bad things . ( about you or others ) that people happen to say.

3. Become a cyber bully yourself and hurt others, that might hurt you back.

4. Get lost in your on emotions and take things the wrong way.

5. Post something you like but others don't.

How to prevent cyber bulling

1. Ignore them all.

2. don't read or answer to what they say  

3.block all people who are not real friends with you.

4. Don't post things that might afiend others who are already hurt.

5. Don't become a cyber bully yourself !!!!!!!!

learned from the video.

1. cyber bulling is gaining power from each person who gets on any website.

2. always been a problem.

3. much easier  than saying it to your face.

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