What's Inside                                            Our Mission

Page 1- Overview                                            At Venice Beach Surf Academy it is our           Page 2- Admissions/Tuition                   responsibility to provide our students with an     Page 3- A Day in the Life                    exceptional  education while providing them with an                                                                    artistic and relaxing  learning environment.  We feel "The best decision that                            that by rather then teaching the traditional way,                you will ever make"                      students are able to express themselves, relax, and                   ~High School Weekly                                  be well prepared for college.                                            

Venice Beach Surf Academy is a private high School for ages 14- 18.  Students are engaged daily in the diverse culture of Venice Beach.  Students learn so many new things and meet so many new people.  Everyday is a great one.

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Admissions/ Tuition

Venice Beach Surf Academy is a private high School for ages 14- 18. Students are accepted based on their grammar school report card and their Venice Beach Admissions test scores which is held here in November of the students eighth grade year.  We especially look for students who portray the traits of a creative and unique individual. Students must be focused and polite to their teachers and the others around them.

School Enrollment: 90 per year(360 for all 4 years)

Tuition: $8,200 per year ($250 admissions cost required.)

Teachers are selected by their traits of quality in both education and character.  Our teachers feel that the best way for students to learn is by being relaxed.  This makes the student more focused because they are more happy to be there.  We know our students are learning by the grades.  Venice Beach Surf Academy is both very competitive in academics and after school activities.  Our students have a great time and are beyond happy without breaking boundaries and getting into trouble. On top of our amazing teachers we also have a number of counselors and nurses to assist students in different problems whether its grades or not feeling well.  

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A Day in the Life

Students start the year in October and end in May.  The school day starts at 9am and the day ends at 1pm.  Students arrive at the main central building where their homerooms and cafeterias are located.  Everyday, our students look out at the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean which our beachfront property has to offer.  Each classroom is a different bungalow where instead of desks, students have either hanging chairs or couches, depending on the class.  The only class where students sit together in large tables are science and math.  We have found that students learn better when they are relaxed so students may wear their own clothes in a way that expresses themselves while still being tasteful.  

Students are required to take the core subjects of math, science, and english.  Students also have an option of italian, french, and spanish as a language.  In art class students may pursue in drawing or painting.  Gym class offers swimming, surf lessons, stand up paddle board,  beach volleyball, and basketball.  Students are motivated to learn by the safe, caring, and unique characteristics our school has to offer.  Students are also able to get involved in a number of school events such as first friday beach bonfires.  

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