Thursday, July 14th 1663

Dear Caroline Murray, my dear old friend

It has been a while since we have last spoke, a lot has changed here in New France, as I assume it has back in Pairs  . Since we have last talked I have been married and now have 3 children Dakota, Herrick and Anneliese. The two oldest stay home and help their mother with different types of labour around the house. We live on a small farm that allows me to provide for my ever growing family, the kids also like to chip in to help work around the farm. Right now it is summer, which means it is a prime time for me to maintain/harvest crops and feed the animals. I have to make sure  I am well prepared for fall so I can preserve my crops. It allows me to prepare for spring and attempt to survive the horrific winters that we experience here. These winters are like something you would never be able to imagine, it is so harsh and cold that it takes a lot of strength to make it through without freezing to death or going hungry. It is a good thing that we are able to hunt all year long, so if our food stock starts to decrease we know that there are bountiful supplies of animals in the wild. Since we have now become a colony it is easy to trade our goods for things that we may need, like trading our crops for coal or  The  Competition between the English and French have been bring us habitants closer together. It can be very challenging for us in society though, it is difficult to adapt to different conditions than we are used too and we have to work hard to build a great colony for our children and our children's, children. Our culture eventually emerged as we had to adapt to living in north America. We get along quite well with the natives around us and they don't bother us much. as I look towards our future I hope that that my farm as well as my family will be successful and thrive. when my wife and I have long past I am hopefully that my kids will take care of the farm, marry and have families of their own. Hopefully the colony will be stronger then and they won't have to deal with some of the problems we have. I also want this farm to be able to provide for them in times of need. I hope all is well with you and your family in pairs.

sincerely, your good friend

~Archie Thibeaux

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