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Since i can remember i have always had a love for any and all things creative,this first started off with me spending most of my time drawing as a child, a hobby that i still retain to this day.That further progressed into story writing and character design, I knew in my early teens that i wanted to find a job that would incorporate all these interests of mine and that led me into thinking about the media industry.The sector that caught my eye the most in this industry was for TV and Film, the roles in particular consist of either an artist of some description or as a director. Now that i know what to aim my skills toward, i feel driven and motivated to pave my way into this industry.

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Mobile: o7960180556


This video is the final version of my unit 62 work in which i was asked to work as a group to create both a 2 minute long advert and 30 minute rendition of said advert, based around a digital product. Our product, MARGOLOH, essentially hologram backwards as we knew from the get go we wanted a holographic portable touch screen device, inspiration came from one of my favorite films, Iron Man. I focused mainly on the editing and design process, this involved working on adobe premiere as well as creating multiple storyboards to illustrate how we wanted our advert to go.  PROJECT STATUS - unfinished

Above was our logo created for the unit 62, advert project

These are the storyboards I designed for the advert project, it took more than one final draft due to an idea switch during the filming process. As well as a draft image of how the product would both look and work.

This storyboard was from a unit I took part in back in level 2, I had to layout how exactly my app would run and how the user could navigate through the menus.

This was created also for the purposes of a level 2 unit, In which I had to design my own merch based of movie idea that I had thought of, my product was based off of a survival apocalypse based movie and so I designed an elaborate "med-kit" themed product but as more of a "survival kit"  and the rucksack itself designed intended to be a copy cat of the one used in the film poster. I labelled this drawing in a clear and organised fashion and quite clearly tried to keep the idea as original yet interesting as possible.

This is taken from my unit 15 project, were i had to create a video report as to how to start up a small business in the media industry and what to look out for, for people wanting advice. This also involves my own set of skills and i feel the video itself shows of my script writing and organizing abilities.

The back canvas for a wizard of oz play that took place at a local university, my role was to direct the fellow designers starting from a design idea of my own.

The drawings below are either my own depictions of certain characters or covers of pre- existing game/TV characters.

This is one example of the character designs I did when I was younger, I would draw separate images of the same character, putting them in either mid - motion moves or in stand still drafts. I would also repeat drawings of the same character to test out different clothing ideas until I found the one I preferred most.

The two images above highlight my ability to shade and build upon a sketch, to make a drawing stand out as much as possible.

I can branch off into many areas of drawings for instance I can sometimes stray away from more realistic designs, such as peoples faces to more cartoonish designs.

Here are some knock up draft sketches and rough storyboard made out for unit 19 as part of a DVD menu project. As I have chosen to design a new and improved version of the lord of the rings return of the king menu, this meant for a storyboard and sketches set around just that. Afterwards I got to duplicate these designs onto Photoshop into its final format, this helps highlight my skills and knowledge in Photoshop as well as the needed for pre-planning and drafting.

I've delved into all aspects of sketching but one of which I am most interested in is face sketching, all-whilst getting them to look as realistic as possible, it is a fun challenge I set myself on getting them to look as close to the original as I can.

For the last two I just wanted to bring to light once again that I have involved myself in most areas of art that being said however I would like to further my knowledge in the digital side of art, overall.