Hello,it's my tackk! ;)

Hello! I'm Nessim and i'm 13.5 years old, I work to the Fenelon High School.

I have two brothe, one sister : it's a big family ;), and I have two pets: two turtles.I love mangas ,and my favorite mangas are : one piece and Attack on Titan they are genial!(If you would watch the opening of Attack on Titan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMXgHfHxKVM .My main activity is to read : I like several kind of book : I like , the Fantasy in general, the science fiction and Adventure book, at the moment,I read the trilogy "The maze runner".My second activity is playing music: before, I 've played percussion but I stop it, now I play Trumpet and finaly I love play League of legends it's a very good moba.I'll passed my summer holiday with my family in Montpellier and in Paris it was great, I love the the summer in Montpellier!

Good Bye!

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3 years ago

Hey Nessim! I don't know a lot about mangas but I've heard of one piece before. What's it about? And I want to read the maze runner but I haven't gotten a chance to yet. Why did you stop playing percussion instruments? A lot of people here also play league of legends. I hear that it's a good game. What's a Moba?