Mean, Median, Mode, And Range

By Elizabeth Jones

Finding Mean

The mean of a set of numbers is the average.

Let's find the mean of this set of numbers


First,you add all of your numbers together


Next, divide your sum by the number of numbers in the set


That means that the average of this set of numbers is 4.

Time for an example problem.

Find the mean of this number set: 9,4,17,4,7,8,14

Finding Median

The median of a set of numbers is the middle numbers.

Let's find the median of the same set of numbers.


First, order the numbers from least to greatest.


Now, cross out numbers on each side until you find the middle number.


You should get 3 as the median.

This set of numbers has an odd number of numbers, so you end up with one median. But what do you do if you if you have 2 medians?


Like before, order the numbers from greatest to least.


Then cross out till you find the two middle numbers.


Now add the numbers


Then divide by two.


The median of your set of numbers is 2.5

Try it on your own with these numbers: 9,4,17,4,7,8,14

Finding Mode

Mode is the number that occurs most often in a set of numbers.

To find mode, simply find the number that shows up the most.


3 shows up 3 times, which is more times than any other number has showed up.

3 is the mode.

Find the mode of this number set: 9,4,17,4,7,8,14


Range is the difference between your largest and smallest problem.

To find range, subtract your smallest number from your biggest number.



The range is 7.

Find the range of this set:9,4,17,4,7,8,14

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