I Propose to Explore for France

Haasita will benefit your lives in France

Bonjour your Majesty, I am from the country of France.

I come to France to ask for funding to go to the New World in order to keep our countries   standing and to get resources that we might need.

Francis I is the   leader of France during 1515 to 1547, the time period in which I selected to   leave France to North America.

We are in the need   for furs. When I reach the land I will make sure this will happen and I will   bring back furs for all of us.

As for me, I would   take what I brought back and maybe gold. I will think of both our countries   and give back to you as much you funded me. I would also maybe learn their culture and   live with my family there to how we want to with resources we need and   religions we believe in.

The only reason I might get gold is for   trading purposes. If I need something someone else has, then I can trade   because gold is something everyone wants. The furs will also be very useful   for my family. Especially for the young ones to be warm during the winter or colder weather of autumn.

I will travel to the coastal plains region. There are a couple of reasons why. First of all it   is the only way we can get to the land. Going through the Gulf of Mexico or directly on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean will lead us to the region   directly. Another reason is because this region has animals that we can hunt and eat. Then, living near the ocean makes it easier when more people from France come.

Your majesty we   also have competition. Others from Spain, France, Portugal, and England have   also been exploring North America. So if you fund me now we will gain at   least part of the land. We will take what we need out of the land we conquer   and take advantage. Perhaps we will even take more than we need so we can   make it last.

Your Majesty, some   of the resources that the other European explorers are looking for are gold,   copper, or other resources for trade and also because they are very valuable.   Other countries are also coming for religious reasons. When they come to the   new world they are free to believe in any religion. Some people came for   spices like cinnamon, pepper, and ginger.

I will try to be   fair with them and try to communicate. I will trade if the land I achieve does   not have the resource. I will also try to keep the wars and fighting to a   minimum because we will have piece.        

If you ask me   about how I will overcome obstacles, my majesty then I have many reasons. I   expect that I will have problems such as poor navigational tools, disease,   enemies stalling us from conquering land, and at one point, a lack of   supplies.

Well, What do you say?

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