Texas's Role During the Civil War

Texas supplied soldiers to both sides of the war.  They gave about 90,000 soldiers to the Confederacy and about 2,000 soldiers to the Union.  John Bell Hood was from Texas and served as the Commander of Hoods Texas Brigade.  He helped defend Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy.  Thomas Green served as Commander of the Texas Confederate forces and served in the Battle of Galveston.  He was killed during the war.


Thomas Green (1814-1864) Thomas Green came to Texas in time to assist in the Texas Revolution, serving at the Battle of San Jacinto. At that battle, he operated the only cannons in Sam Houston’s army. After the revolution, he served in various government positions in the Texas Republic. In the Mexican American war, he helped Zachary Taylor capture Mexico City. When the Civil War broke out, he served in the Confederate army under General Sibley. In 1863, he was promoted to Brigadier General and participated in the Battle of Galveston. At the Battle of Blair's Landing on the Red River on April 12, 1864, he was killed by cannon fire from a Union gunboat

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