Mount Kelud

Volcano Project, Mr. Davis and February 27, 2014

Mount Kelud can also be spelled like Mount Kelut. Mount Kelud is a stratovolcano. It still is an active volcano located in Indonesia on an island called Java on the east side. This volcano is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. After the February 1990 eruption the volcanoes crater filled with water. This created a lake inside the volcano. This lake, in the crater of the volcano, ejects water during Mount Kelud’s violent and explosive eruptions creating pyroclastic flows and lahars. This lake was drained due to an eruption which formed lahars (Mudslides) that killed numerous people. This volcano has explosive eruptions, lava domes, and pyroclastic flows. The 2007 eruption built new Lava domes that replaced the previous lake. This volcano last erupted on February 13, 2014 destroying the lava dome. An ash column rose, and a plume formed after the eruption. Heavy ash fall occurred causing several airports in Java to be shut down.

Video Of Mount Kelud Erupting:

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