internets do's and don'ts

internet safety

Internet do’s & don’ts

by Jacob and Will

  1. Don't give people your personal information.
  2. Intimidation, Mischief in relation to data, Extortion, False messages, indecent or harassing telephone calls, Counseling suicide, Child pornography are just SOME reasons you could go to jail.
  3. if you are one of those people who leave mean comments on peploe videos on youtube, you should watch your back because you can go to jail.
  4. Do not share your personal information when playing an MMO, do not share your information at all for that matter.
  5. If it’s from a Nigerian prince it is fake.


  1. ⅓ Canadian teens with social networks have seen mean or inappropriate comments about someone they know. 14% say they have seen mean or inappropriate things about themselves.
  2. 70% percent of students report seeing frequent bullying online.



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