Spreadsheets: (or worksheet) is an arrangement of cells in columns and rows used to organize, analyze, calculate, and report information, usually in numerical form.

Why are Spreadsheets Important?

Spreadsheets are important because they help keep up with that thing that everyone loves which is MONEY!!!! Spreadsheets are good for just you everyday income to even large businesses. They keep up with all these stuff so you don't have too. It like another caculator in your laptop,

How to use a Spreadsheet?

Well first a spreadsheet is based on there cells columns and Rows. Cells are the boxes by it self, the columns are the vertical ones and the rows are the horizontal.If you have a large group of names, for example, a spreadsheet allows you to sort them or keep track of them. If you have a budget or financial data, the program can help you analyze the numbers.

How to read a Spreadsheet?

1. Understand what a spreadsheet is. In today's society, a spreadsheet is used to organize data in boxes (known as cells).

2.Understand the way a spreadsheet is organized. Think in lines. Data is presented either horizontally, vertically, or both.

3.Interpret the data. You have to understand what is happening in each cell.

Where you can find spreadsheets?

If you have a lap-top, desktop computer you have easy access to Spreadsheets.They are easily found in your Microsoft Word. You also can easily download a template to make them.

How can a Spreadsheets help you?

Spreadsheets can help you by just making your life easier.It helps you deal with money, so you want have to.

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